Wayfarer RB 2140 on the Dance floor                                   


The iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer model enjoyed a new lease of life back in 2006 when indie rock musicians like Johnny Marr of The Smiths and Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream gave the Wayfarer a contemporary twist.


Perhaps for the first time since the 1950’s, the Wayfarer became a cult status symbol in the early noughties and very little has changed in 2020 for the brand except for huge innovations in technology and construction of their lenses.


We have the post-war glamour of the 1950’s to thank for the huge success of the Wayfarer when Bausch & Lomb took advantage of the new synthetic materials available on the market.  With moulded plastic frames and almond shaped lenses, the style soon became a hit with Hollywood’s silver screen stars like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn and played a starring role in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’.

                                                                     Wafarer RB 2140 Group on the dance floor

Back in the 50’s, it wasn’t just their status symbol Ray-Ban was becoming famous for, their innovations in lens technology was ground-breaking with Wayfarers being the first frames to sport the new G-15 grey lenses in 1957. These lenses provided the wearer with the ability to see in true colour and provided exceptional protection against glare. G-15 lenses had however been around since 1937 when they were issued for military use but had come a long way by the 50’s for mainstream wear.


Back to 2020, the Wayfarer is no longer simply a fashion item worn by the rich and famous.  It’s a must for the ultimate in eyewear protection and now accessible to everyone who wants to look after their sight and look great in the process thanks to the technological advances in Ray-Ban lens research.


Today, wearers of the Original Wayfarer classic frames can enjoy the same polished black polished tortoise frames with G-15 green lenses, absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light for more ‘natural vision’.  Choose gloss tortoise frames and you can benefit from brown classic B-15 polarised lenses.  These lenses can help reduce reflection from shiny surfaces and eye strain.


The New Wayfarer style is a modern take on the classic timeless design with a variety of variations on colours, polarised lenses and a multitude of accessories.  With a lightweight, slightly smaller nylon frame, softer eye shape and Green Classic G-15 lens.


Ray-Ban Wayfarer lenses are usually made from crystal glass which has the highest optical quality as does the Aviator models.  The sportier Ray-Ban styles do have polycarbonate lenses because of their tough, shatterproof properties but both lenses are available to customers who require prescription or polarised lenses.